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Student Participation

DMOC student volunteers are made up of undergraduate and graduate level students from a number of programs, including Digital Media Studies, Mass Communications, and Electronic Media Art and Design. Many students are currently enrolled in digital media classes and are eager to showcase new skills.

The Digital Media Outreach Center recruits qualified and enthusiastic advanced undergraduate and graduate students interested in gaining valuable experience in digital media while contributing to the common good of our Colorado communities. DMOC staff connects public good organizations with individual students, student teams, or faculty/student teams to ensure the best possible results for our clients.

Student Benefits

Students receive practical experience working with a client and an addition to their resume, portfolio, and professional network, and possibly even a reference. During the project, students are responsible for identifying the needs of their clients, developing a solution, and executing the design for the project.

How do students get involved?

Students at University of Denver who are interested in volunteering for a project with DMOC are asked to submit a brief application (link to online application) highlighting skills, experience, and education related to digital media development; types of projects and organizations they are most interested in working with; and expectations for skills and experiences they would like to acquire or build upon in their DMOC involvement.