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Upcoming Deadlines

Digital Media Outreach Center staff are now looking for projects for Spring Quarter 2007 (April through early June). To be considered for these projects, organizations must submit applications by Monday, April 28, 2008.

DMOC Mission

DMOC is a nexus for community-based projects, students, and non-profit organizations and a proponent of social engagement, digital utilization, and education.

DMOC Concept

Many public good organizations do not have the time or resources to keep up with an rapidly developing digital world. Students are entering a very competitive job market and need experience outside of their education to have a successful future.

DMOC realizes this and has developed a way to help both parties. By matching organizations with student volunteers, both public good organizations and students can mutually benefit from a partnership to develop digital media solutions.

DMOC Rationale

There are many measurable benefits for the companies, organizations, and institutions that have enough resources and expertise to develop their own utilization of digital media. However, there is a deep divide between public good organizations and these companies when it comes to employing effective digital media

Most organizations lack the resources and the expertise to develop sophisticated, effective, and long-term digital strategies that are integrated with their own particular values, missions, and goals. As a result, many organizations are missing out on useful digital media tools which could help them better serve their community.

The Digital Media Outreach Center at the University of Denver is designed to provide instrumental support for Colorado-based public good organizations that wish to develop, establish, maintain, and expand a digital presence via any type of digital media with no development costs.

By combining the expertise of DMOC staff with the technical skills and talents from student volunteers at DU, DMOC provides long-term support for organizations in Colorado.

This approach also involves our students in socially redeeming, high-technology projects that will encourage them to remain civically engaged throughout their careers and encourage them to consider technology careers in the public good sector.