Metro Organizations for People

Rhythm Vision

Suicide Resource Network

Platt Park People's Association

Colorado Council of Mediators and Mediation Organizations

Grand Beginnings

Ecumenical Refugee Services

Crossroads of the Rockies

Community Alcohol Drug Rehabilitation and Education

Colorado Campus Compact

Asian Pacific Development Center

Huerfano County Youth Services

Class Participation

Degree programs at the University of Denver pride themselves on providing students with valuable knowledge and experience. Many instructors and professors require students to complete projects for actual clients as a part of classes. DMOC can assist in locating and coordinating public good oriented projects for your students. This process helps to assure that these projects are getting the technological assistance that they need, while University of Denver students are getting marketable experience from a client invested in the process.

If your class is digital in nature, including web development, audio or video production, or graphic identity and branding development, DMOC most likely has organizations requesting projects. Contact DMOC (email) or complete the electronic instructor application (link to application) if you would like to work with us to help your students complete their class requirements. Please contact us before or near the beginning of your class so we can find the best pairing for your class.