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Asian Pacific Development Center

Huerfano County Youth Services

Why Do We Do It?

Digital media are rapidly changing the way any type of organization are communicating to public, organizing their staff and operating on a daily basis.

The problem is that most things that yield great results require great investment. It is expensive and time-consuming to invest in digital forms of promotion. This leaves many public good organizations at a disadvantage to spread the word about the many good things they are doing.

The Digital Media Outreach Center is always seeking organizations with a need for digital media tools. After all, our University of Denver students need opportunities to display the value of their skills and talent, just as you need opportunities to display the value of your services and programs.

The Digital Media Outreach Center recruits qualified and enthusiastic advanced undergraduate and graduate students interested in gaining valuable experience in digital media while contributing to the common good of our Colorado communities. DMOC staff connect public good clients with individual students, student teams, or faculty/student teams to ensure the best possible results for our clients.

Benefits to Organizations

Organizations can utilize the talent and enthusiasm of students who will create high-quality, critical digital media tools to be used to connect and serve their communities more effectively.

Public good organizations also will have the benefit of DMOC´s commitment to use digital methods to develop, establish, maintain, and expand the given mission and message of each organization without any development costs.

How do organizations get involved?

NPOs interested in working with DMOC are asked to submit a brief application (link to application) outlining digital media needs, expectations for the project, and basic information about the organization.