Get Motivated

If you want to learn another language, it is extremely important to begin study early. With the knowledge of a second language, employers in general will be more likely to consider you for a job. The time and effort that goes into studying a foreign language proves that you have the dedication and determination needed as well as a deeper understanding of interpersonal communication and foreign culture. Communication, whether verbally or written, is an integral part of any job, and many employers wish to hire those with above-average communication skills.

Beginning Your Study

Foreign language study should begin at the elementary school level, but many school districts throughout the U.S. do not provide language classes until middle school. Usually, choices are limited, but even deciding between French or Spanish will help you if you choose to study a harder language anytime in your continuing education.

In high school, choices typically broaden, if only slightly; depending on what area you live in, you may be offered French, Spanish, Italian, German, Russian, or Japanese. Continuing your foreign language may be required by your high school, but even if it is not many colleges also have a foreign language requirement. It is beneficial to continue a foreign language all four years of high school.

Further Your Education

Once you enter a University, you will see many more language classes that are available to you. Also students may have opportunities to study abroad. If you are given this opportunity, your language study will improve immensely as immersion is the fastest way to become fluent in a foreign language. Also, being in a foreign country for an extended period of time will force you to become aware and respect other cultures and practices. Studying abroad through an academic institution such as your university ­ or in some cases your high school ­ will be more cost effective and will allow students who may otherwise not be able to afford it the chance to study in a foreign country.

If you are planning on studying business, education, or international studies, a foreign language is highly advantageous, and most times required. Also, students who are interested in working for the government should study a foreign language, as translators are coveted and well-paid occupations.

Enjoy It!

A fun and effective method of practicing your foreign language skills is to watch movies in the foreign language you are studying. This will help your listening comprehension and understanding of grammar and conversational lingo as well as improving your vocabulary. You can also listen to music, read comics or browse websites in your second language to keep up, because once you stop studying the language, you will forget much of it quickly.