Language – dialect, speech, tongue, slang, idiom, jargon, lingo – however you say it, humans need it in order to communicate with each other. Language is a set of rules for generating speech, and in order to create a global community, people need to be able to speak to one another.

So?Learning a new language gives you the tools to communicate with all types of people. Understanding the language isn't everything, but it is a first step toward understanding, respecting, and being aware of different cultures in the world.

How?There are many ways to start learning new languages – through school, after school programs, language programs, tapes, books, etc. Just take the initiative, and you will find a world of possibilities await you.

Why?Learning a new language and culture makes you a more rounded, educated, and open person to people from different countries and cultures. It also opens up opportunities for study, work, and travel that you would not have without that cultural understanding.