Meet the Team

S. Wheeler, K. Hennigan, and K. Kuhnen, the three minds behind the "Be A Polyglot" campaign, are currently studying at the University of Denver. This campaign was conceptualized and realized under direction of Professor Molly Fredericks in order to practice designing for socially aware organizations. The three met with a common interest in foreign language and the project was born; sharing knowledge of web standards coding, graphic design, and identity and branding, they were able to realize their ideas.

Mission Statement

The mission statement for the "Be a Polyglot" campaign is "Promoting cultural awareness through language." It is our belief that the best way to truly understand another culture is to learn their language. Language is an important aspect of defining culture, because the language of a culture is the realization of that culture's history, their ideas, and the way they view the world. If you truly desire to have a global awareness and participate in the global community, do yourself a favor and become a polyglot!

Spread the Word

Along with this website, we have also designed a print campaign in the form of "Hello, my name is..." stickers in multiple languages. The "Hello my name is..." sticker campaign is a perfect way to get our site out to people and find ways to strike up a conversation with a complete stranger or someone you wouldn't normally talk to.

Thumbnail link to sticker page

The sticker is marketing, but it's also functional, and conveys our vision to break down communication barriers between people. The languages on the stickers include english, french, spanish, german, finnish, and swedish. If you are already a polyglot, or if this website has inspired you to spread the idea of multilingualism, feel free to print these stickers out on sticker-paper and spread them around you school, business, or community.


Here are some good websites to look at for more information on language and language study.

Language and Culture: An Introduction to Human Communication

Languages of the World

For more resources on language instruction, use your favorite online search engine to find "language classes in {your town}," or talk to teachers at your local school or community college to find out what classes are available in or out of a school environment. Parks and Recreation or Artistic community organizations may also offer language courses, and there may be a number of private classes or organizations that offer a wide variety of public or private instruction. When the student is ready, the teacher will appear!