The results of a recent survey are being used by the Senate Committee on Commerce, Science, and Transportation as proof that Americans are not interested in net neutrality legislation, despite the fact that only 7% of those surveyed claimed to have heard anything about net neutrality. These results are shocking because free access to the Internet is something that many people take for granted, and the decisions made in Congress concerning net neutrality could change the way everyone accesses the Internet. It is important for everyone, not just geeks, nerds, or Internet junkies, to be informed about the issues surrounding the net neutrality debate and how it could affect them.

This website is divided into several parts. The first, How the Internet Works, gives a brief overview of how the Internet currently passes information between computers. Net Neutrality gives the definition of net neutrality, while Net Competition gives the definition of the counter-argument to net neutrality. The Debate discusses both sides of the debate concerning net neutrality legislation, and links to advocacy websites and other information are contained under Want to Know More?.

I encourage everyone who wants to know more about net neutrality to browse this site and learn as much as you can. There are many Congressional debates going on right now about the future of technologies that people currently take for granted, and if we do not keep ourselves informed, we may find our rights to use technologies like the Internet changed because those in power mistook their constituents' ignorance of the issues for apathy.