Video Editing

In both my classes and in my free time, I love to edit videos. I started by making anime music videos, which are mash-ups of video footage from anime television shows or movies set to music. During the course of my undergraduate education, I got the chance to edit an informational video for my honors program, which was one of the experiences that influenced my decision to study digital media. Here you will find some of the many videos that I have edited for fun and for school.

Anime Music Videos

Song For Seita thumbnail

Videos from Digital Cinema Theory and Practice

One of the classes I took during my first year of graduate school was called "Digital Cinema Theory and Practice." The class primarily focused on using video footage and video editing for abstract visual presentations that were performed live using a program called Resolume, but we learned all of the technical ins and outs of editing video in Sony's Vegas Video program to help us put our VJ demo reels together. Below you will find all the projects I did in that class that involved video editing.

Muppets of the Caribbean thumbnail South African Dances thumbnail Cosmic Fantasies - Part 1 thumbnail Cosmic Fantasies - Part 2 thumbnail