A Standard Desktop Computer

Welcome to The Computer Tutor! Have you ever wanted to open up the inside of your computer and poke around, but you didn't want to risk it? A computer is a complex and expensive piece of equipment, so I can understand your reticence to open it up and poke around inside. However, now you don't have to! Here you will find a complete, three-dimensional interactive walk through the inside of your computer, complete with basic and advanced information about each of the components inside your computer that make it work. There is also a basic description of the levels of computer programming that go into making everything you do on your computer possible.

Under Enter the Computer, you will find the interactive walkthrough, based in Flash, that will take you through the inside of your computer's hardware and software. If you do not have Flash, or if you just want to sit back and get the basic information instead of clicking through yourself, you can watch The Video. And, if you are just looking for a specific piece of information or if you want to get the basic walkthrough without the animation or the video content, you can find all the information in text form in the Text Reference.

This website is the culmination of my Masters Degree in Digital Media Studies. It utilizes website design, Flash and ActionScript, video editing, and 3D modeling and animation techniques to create a comprehensive project demonstrating how digital media can be used to teach computer literacy. You will find the research and supporting documents that I wrote in fulfillment of my Masters Project on the About this Website page. For a look at all the other work that I did in fulfillment of my Masters Degree, I invite you to view my portfolio at www.orionstarmedia.com. Whatever you are looking for in visiting this site, I hope it delivers. Enjoy your stay!