This website is the culmination of my Masters Degree in Digital Media Studies. It utilizes website design, Flash and ActionScript, video editing, and 3D modeling and animation techniques to create a comprehensive project demonstrating how digital media can be used to teach computer literacy. Here you will find the research and supporting documents that I wrote in fulfillment of my Masters Project.

Project Proposal

Title: Using Digital Media to Teach Computer Literacy

Abstract: In the year 2008, computers are everywhere. They are on our desks, sure, but they are also in our cars, in our phones, in our music players, at the gas station and the supermarket and the bank, collecting, storing, and outputting information to us, for us, and about us. With such a high level of technology surrounding us every day, an outsider might assume that we all, as users and beneficiaries of this technology, have an intimate understanding of how and why it all works. They would be surprised to learn, however, that that is not the case. Unfortunately, a vast majority of the people who use, work with, and enjoy the benefits of computers every day have very little understanding of how they work. And this is a fact that needs to change.
Without a basic understanding of how a computer works, many individuals can be tempted to see it as a “magic box,” fearing the intelligence that it appears to have, or expecting it to have capabilities that it can not have. I believe that the spread of computer literacy is vital to the future of technological advancement, therefore, my thesis project will focus on harnessing the power and prevalence of digital media to create a comprehensive media experience for teaching computer literacy. Through the use of the web, 3D modeling and animation, and an interactive Flash platform, my goal is to create an educational site that will guide users through the basic elements and functions of a computer so that, in the end, they will have a better understanding of these machines that are so prevalent in their everyday lives.

To view the rest of my project proposal, you can view the PDF here.

Project Presentation

On May 19, 2008, I gave a presentation of my project to my advisor and a group of fellow graduate students and professors. Here is the written document on which I based my project presentation.

Post-Production Analysis

This document is the conclusion of my project and my research. It discusses the methods I used to produce the work, analyzes the end result, and places my work in broad theoretical and cultural contexts. You can view the .PDF of it here.

The Final Paper

Here is my complete paper. It includes all of the papers described above, as well as several appendecies containing the information about computers that I used within the project, and a site map of this website that drove my workflow.